New Running Companion

Okay, so the sweater arm leg warmers did the trick–the calves were happy during the entire 6 miles from my front door to my daughters.  Naked sisters kept a pretty good pace at 9.4 with a couple of the middle miles coming in at 9.1.  My initial intention was short and fast but the beautiful day beckoned.  Everything seemed to be going well until about mile 4.5.  While climbing up the 3rd hill of the run I felt a sponginess under lefty–stopped to take a peak–sure enough there was a blister and small opening.  I finished the 6 miles and took a closer look.  Lefty wasn’t any worse but Righty was a mess, open wound with red blistered topping–yuck.  The cold pavement keeps the Sisters anesthetized and while that may have helped during the run–the aftermath required lidocaine and antibiotic ointment.  I was grateful for my new running companion (iPhone 4S) who called my sweet hubby to the rescue (I did trot another mile and up one more hill to meet him–after all, the damage was already done).  I am using the app Map My Run.  It tells me my pace and distance and actually maps out the route and elevation change.  Today’s run was a category 5, the easiest on the scale with an elevation change of just over 200 ft.  I may resort back to clothing the naked feet for a short time during the coldest weather.  It would just make more sense to work on distance, speed and elevation during the chill and condition the feet when the weather warms.


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