Muscle Madness

O0h eeh.  It was the butt muscles time to squeal.  And squeal they did, in fact nearly revolted at mile 7 of today’s run, a scary thing as I was still 3.5 miles from home.  I clothed the Sister today in VFF Sprints.  Not much between them and the road but enough to protect their still healing souls.  New app on iPhone–BeatBurn that changes the pace of my music (or their electronic beats) to my running pace.  Brittany, the pleasant voice and running coach, paces the runner through intervals and offers encouragement.  The app certainly kept me distracted as I kept pace with the beat, sometimes running at an 8 min/mile and other times speed walking at 12 min/mile, the “running like a tired monkey” pace was more toward the end of the run as my pelvis felt like it was in a vice grip.  At mile 8 I set the Sisters free and they completed the course naked and happy.  Running naked seemed to help the muscle madness but I think it was more a figment of my hopeful imagination.  While I did sip on water throughout, I did not have any glucose snacks and simply ran out of juice.  Heart could have complete the course with ease…butt it was not to be.  Lessons learned; (1) take some Jelly Beans, (2) don’t listen to Brittnay (not really, it was a real fun app.  One I will use more wisely next time).  Average pace overall (with walking and semi crawling) was 11.52.


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