Weird Austin

The hazards of running (or swimming as it may be) in Austin, Tx are varied–come and go sidewalks, absentee bike lanes, thick humidity (hence the “swimming”), directional confusion (no mountain landmarks), traffic accidents, and, most unusual, dead possum–and this was just a short run.  Being new to the roadway, the feet chose to be clothed so the VFF’s made their way from suitcase to feet and together we hit the road.  Instinct said to go right, Siri said left and after a mile or so of detour, instinct got the better of the argument as I retraced my path only to be welcomed by a gutted possum (seemed as if the feet stopped and swerved in mid air barely missing the roadkill).  The blaring sirens were not for the unfortunate possum, rather for the injured drivers of a traffic accident that looked more as if it had happened at Freeway speed.  It seems surreal to see a upturned vehicle in the middle of a city street.  Plenty of EMS were anting about the scene with efficiency as I approached and attempted to skirt the area.  In a matter of 2 hours , I had traversed only 4 miles and encountered a cacophony of sights and sounds.  While the motto, Keep Austin Weird was not lost on the journey, my running adventures are most enjoyable in the more familiar weather and terrain of “the neighborhood”.


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