Bring Back the Leg Warmers

The calves revolted in the chilly 22 degree weather–running without underlining or leg warmers–the seize began at mile one and didn’t let up much for the 5.25 mile run .  The sisters (aka bare feet) were undecided, sometimes cold and numb and other times oblivious as the loudest voice (above the ankles) screamed for attention.  The Sisters bare bottoms held up nicely and the cool mist humidification of the even breath made the run enjoyable.  Preparing for the next run consisted of cutting off the arms of on old sweater to use as leg warmers.  I’m all for bringing back the functional leg warmers–the thong leotards however, can stay retired forever!


Cool Running

Overdue for a new post.  Say “crazy” or “We’re proud of you”, I’ve heard them both during my cold weather runs.  Temperatures ranging from 33 to 28 degrees (this mornings run).  Ohhh weee!  Let’s talk stimulating.  At first, the Sister’s couldn’t decide if they were cold or numb, after 2 miles they just gave up trying to decided.  The next 3 runs were longer and more pleasant (3.5, 4.5, 4 miles) though the temperature remained below freezing. My body loves to run in the cold.  All bundled and sweating–misting my face with warm breath.  Naked feet have held up beautifully (likely due to the decrease in running and time to heal properly).  Say what you will…I say, barefooting in winter is, too pull up a word from my youth, COOL.

Sisters for Sisters

Yep…the two naked Sisters finished the 2011 Save a Sister 10K in 57.01 minutes…good enough for 1st place in their age group.  Now don’t get confused here, if you haven’t been reading the blog, you probably don’t know that I call my 2 naked feed the “Sisters”.  If you have been reading most recently, you know my BS (baby sister) also ran the 10K today and met her goal, finishing in under 60 minutes at 59.04.  SWEET.  So no, BS and I did not run totally naked, just the “other Sisters”.  Today was just a good day for me (despite a restless mostly wakeful night).  October PINKFEST seems to be ruling most of my waking hours and now sneaking into my sleep as well.  Running sleep deprived may have had its benefits as the road just seemed to slip away beneath my feet.  Right near the last 1/4 mile however, my attention was distracted by a volunteer and Sister Rights big toe face planted.  Oops, a little ouch, but the party went on.  Damage evaluated, blood blister and scrape on the top of the toe…the feet bottoms are pristine!  All in all, a great day with family and friends and ultimately for a cause I sink my heart into even on the weekends.

Tough Road but Doable

Save-a Sister race day tomorrow.  Am I worried that I haven’t run a mile since baby sis (BS) and I ran the course 2 weeks ago…NO.  What will be will be.  I am more excited to see all the folks who will be out supporting such a great cause.  BS ran the course last week and has a goal to complete the 10K in under 60 minutes.  She suggested I wear my VFF’s (perhaps she wouldn’t feel so guilty sprinting ahead if I wasn’t running bare).

This naked run is a metaphor for cancer therapy.  Cancer Therapy is a tough road and one no one wants to run alone or even better–run it at all!  The amazing thing is that there is treatment that works and people reclaim the ability to create deeper and more meaningful relationships because of the cancer experience.  With the proper training–running naked is doable, in fact, even rewarding.  Training people how to move through the cancer experience is joy–not a job.  So to all of my friends who have my back–Gratitude–the Sisters (2nakedfeet) will carry you across the finish line…with a smile to boot.

Still Running Bare

Yes, I am still running bare.  Today’s pleasure was running with my baby sis Shauna.  Of course she kicked my trash–being close to 20 years my junior.  She is wanting to run the Marathon next year…in fact, she wants all the Sibs to run and it looks like it might happen if I join in.  Not sure I am ready for that but running the Save a Sister course today was inspiring.  I took a couple of shortcuts because Shauna was so far ahead and well…I needed a potty break and the potty was off course at the park.  All in all I covered 5.89 miles at a 9:40 pace.  Shauna finished the course with no potty stops and at a 9:33 pace.  Two weeks before the real run.  Time for some hill training and continued feet conditioning.  No blisters, cracks or the crankys today!  Yipee.


Ran on a treadmill for the first time in years!  After running naked, adorning footwear only ocassionally in the past 6 months, the treadmill offered a completely new experience.  The Sisters were mute in my VFF’s (leaving running naked on a treadmill for another day) there was simply nothing to report as the mechanical surface remained even and constant.  This was a good time to practice lean and sensing the surface moving away under my body.  I was able to see and sense the body bounce and knee bend.  The most enjoyable part of the run was seting a goal, increasing speed and incline and recieving immediate feedback from my body’s ability to maintain the pace for a given period of time.  Occasionally, the treadmill as a training tool is acceptable, in fact even desirable (especially on vacation when eating habits change drastically and the terratory is unknown).  I won’t however be buying a treadmill anytime soon as running naked outdoors still holds me firmly in it’s sensory grasp and meditative connection.

Swollen Body Syndrome

After a Palm Desert sultry weekend and driving in the car 14 hrs (round trip…not all at once) my body felt swollen.  Much needed run this morning, under 2 miles but at least I was MOVING, continuously!  As much as I enjoy being with my far away kids, traveling in a car is just not my idea of recreation though I do relish my time with Michael and having his captive audience ( I know babe…I have you at hello both in and out of the car).  Regardless, the run was heavenly and the feet light as Angel wings.  Cycled to teach my FitMx class tonight, 14 miles round trip, cloud coverage providing a perfect canopy.  Tonight I feel my blood pumping, muscles throbbing, and body deflating.

Michael shared an article from Motor Trend Magazine entitled “Rolling Fat”.  It describes my swollen body syndrome perfectly.  The author of the article compiled statistics that showed significant, indisputable correlation between increased driving mileage and obesity.  “Obesity is an energy imbalance and driving is one of the lowest energy-expenditure activities.”  They postulate that if every licensed driver reduced travel by one mile per day the adult obesity rate would drop by 2.16 percent.  So…out of your car seats dear ones and Move.

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